Hello, I started this site in order to share photos and random thoughts from my travels in South America with friends, family and any interested travelers. I’m from the U. S. and am currently living in Baños, Ecuador. This past year I’ve been traveling in South America while learning Spanish. Mi Español es muy malo…pero…no es importante.


I’m also continually working on  s l o w i n g  d o w n  and enjoying the experiences wherever I happen to be.

Peru, Cusco

Solo – I’m a solo traveler. However, I’m seldom alone for more than a day while out exploring, as solo travelers seem to attract other solo travelers. When you’re not with a group it’s easy to meet others, as travelers love to share their experiences, exchange notes and offer advice and most locals are the same way. For that reason I like to explore new areas slowly by bike, walking/hiking and camping or staying in small guest houses. Keeping a low budget allows me to take my time and stay longer. In Ecuador I can just montar mi bicicleta to another town then take a bus back home or the reverse. Es muy fácil.


I plan on continuing to do the same for the next several years while also visiting other places throughout the world. I can’t tell you where those other places will be, as I’m not quite sure where this road that I’m currently on is leading…However, it sure has lead me to some wonderful experiences so far.

Thanks for stopping by and best wishes in your travels.

Doug Knox

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